I visited Australia’s all the tourist sites when I was there in last month, I went there with my family and enjoyed so much. I visited many sites but the one thing I had enjoyed most over there, was casinos. I had never visited casinos at all but I was not unaware with that, almost all of my friends used to go there. My family always opposed playing casino, that’s why I hadn’t tried that until I was in Australia.

One day my daughter was asking me to buy apparel for her, so I went to the mall and brought some outfits for her. When I was coming back to hotel I saw a casino cum club there, and was planning to get some fun with that. So I entered in that club, there were so much crowd and I was little uncomfortable with that so I came back.

I came back to home but I was disappointed, I really wanted to play casino. My neighbor suggested me to play some slot machines online so I searched for some pokies, I found many of slots. Now it was tough choice for me to select a contest on which I could play. After couples of minutes I chosen an event, name of that event was “Cutesy Pie”.

I found some reviews on internet for that contest, reviews was good so I agreed to participate in that one. It was a colorful event with a Panda on screen which was giving me affection. It was arranged with some colorful reels and paylines. I played on that event for many hours and enjoyed that so much. I won some small prizes while playing. It gave me some lovely feelings and of course it was a lovely game, after some time I quit playing that and after having dinner I slept that night. But from the next day, I start playing different slots daily.